Private joint-stock company
«Gadiachske buriakogospodarstvo»

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Minutes of the general meeting April 20, 2019, see - News
Notice of the issuer's special informationsee - News
Announcement on the number of voting shares April 18, 2019see - News
Announcement about the general gathering of shareholders April 20, 2019 see - News
Management change announcement, see - News
Minutes of the general meeting of shareholders April 21, 2018, see - News
Announcement of convocation of regular general shareholders' fees April 21, 2018, see - News
Announcement about changed composition head persons and issuing other info April 15, 2017, see - News


• it is the Hi-tech growing of seed of sugar beetgrain-growing, oil and other industrial crops;

• it is the Industrial beet growing;

• it is Growing of grain-growing, oil and otherindustrial crops;

• it is Beekeeping and berrykeeping;

• it is Vegetable-growing of open and closed soils;

• it is Vegetable-growing of open and closed soils;

• it is the milk and meat cattle breedingpig breedingpoultry farmingand other industries of stock-raising;

• Fish industry;

• it is Beekeeping